"The acquisition of the self is the result of a relational process that favors the autonomous experimentation of one's own skills in a safe and loving environment.” (M. Mhaler)


Our educational purpose is to help children to be happy and to have fun while they explore and become familiar with the world around them.

Inducing them to the small, everyday discoveries allows us to consider the child as an active and curious subject, the protagonist of his own growth and not simply a performer of pre-established actions. It also allows the educator to observe their activities and continuous progress in order to propose different experiences, more and more enticing and motivating, to better respond to all their needs.

After the initial period of acclimatization, to which we dedicate particular time and attention, we organize various experiential workshops, drawn from the annual program, which we photograph and share in real time. The structured workshops will give the opportunity to manipulate, touch, feel, and conceive, supporting the developmental areas: affective, cognitive, body and relational.


Some examples are the "Largo cuciniamo noi!" Workshop on Friday, with the aim of making children feel like masters of culinary discovery—to handle and choose what they are going to eat while learning to both taste and respect their food.

Children have an innate appreciation for the act of cooking as it is full of stimulation for all five senses, while also teaching them to create and share with others.


We are also proud to welcome the Baby Farm which, with the seasonal workshop “The Magic Touch”, allows children to spend an extended morning interacting with animals (regularly certified at ASL) such as geese, rabbits, ducks, parrots, turtles and much more!