The Director

The Director coordinates, plans, and evaluates the educational quality of the school.

Specifically, she performs the following tasks: verifies the validity of the educational and didactic programs, thereby evaluating whether they are adequate and coherent with the needs and abilities of the children enrolled; she defines the work methodology, organizes the activities, evaluates the competence and the different tasks required by the educators, coordinates team meetings, takes care of the formation of the team, arranges periods for specific observation; and she takes care of how new students are integrated and manages engagements with the parents (individual interviews, meetings, etc.)



Our team consists of qualified educators with many years of experience in the field of childhood education. The educational staff is trained to successfully carry out the daily operations of our school. Importantly, our teachers continually update and advance their schools through annual training programs.

Our most important goal is: "the well-being of every single child entrusted to us".


The Psychologist acts as a supervisor to the educational staff of the school, supporting them in the process of implementing the school’s programming and acting as a special consultant for any challenges that may arise of a psychological nature regarding the children.

To support parents, the psychologist uses a diverse toolkit:

                 - FAMILY ADVISORY DOOR: A consultative session available to any family by requesting an appointment.

                 - MEDIATOR DURING INTEGRATION: An important tool that helps parents to face the process of detachment and reunification during the phase of entry to school.

                 - MEETINGS ON PARENTING: A meeting time for families to compare their experiences, especially given the sense of loneliness that often accompanies the challenges of parenthood. This is a place for socialization and sharing, supported by an expert consultant.



La Casa di Maya Preschool provides a pediatric service where visits are open to all parents.


                    - To advise parents

                    - Monitoring the school’s menu

In-house Cook

The kitchen follows the most stringent health and hygiene requirements and follows the procedures of H.A.C.C.P.

The menu is differentiated by age groups, always made with fresh products, and customized for any food allergies or nutritional needs indicated by parents.